#BecauseWeMay – Sale Now On

Developing games isn’t easy but as programmers, artists and game designers we can understand the process and we have control over it.

What indies have traditionally not had control over is distribution and pricing. The last few years have allowed for indies to blossom in new ways, with Steam, the App Store, Google Play and other distribution platforms becoming available.

To celebrate these stores, we have (along with lots of other indies) dropped the price of our game for the next week. This promotion was organised by several indies and is called Because We May. If you’re an indie, and want to participate, follow that link and sign up!

Because... We May!

Click the above image to go to the official website for #BecauseWeMay, there are more details of why we’re all getting together on this – and check out all the indie games on sale!

So thank you Apple and thank you Google – keep doing what you’re doing.

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