Duet Update 1.2.0 Rolling Out Now

Duet has an update coming out today with a bunch of new challenge stages and some extra awesomeness.

Firstly, we’ve added voice acting to the game’s entire script. Tim Shiel, the composer of Duet, has worked with another local Australian producer and composer known as Jojo Petrina to produce a haunting voice over for every piece of dialogue in the game. It really adds a new level of polish and quality to the game that I hope everyone will enjoy listening to and playing through.

We’ve also tweaked the difficulty of the game’s final few stages and relocated the notoriously difficult “Transcendence” stages to the B-Side of the game.

Along with Transcendence’s relocation we’ve created a bunch of new hardcore challenge stages called Revolution, Quickening and Resilience.

Revolution is made of pure spinning and twisting blocks. It’s mind-bending.

Quickening has the simplest block arrangements possible but the speed of these stages is just insane. Give it a try, each challenge gets a little bit faster.

Resilience is the opposite of Quickening, these challenges are long and complex. They’re designed to test your endurance… and possibly your patience?

Have fun!

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