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C++ String to Int

In this post I will compare the following methods for parsing a string into an integer in C++: Manually atoi() strtol() sscanf() std::stoi (C++11 only) std::istringstream Boost.LexicalCast Boost.LexicalCast with C locale Boost.Spirit.Qi Boost.Coerce But first lets look at the requirements … Continue reading

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Steam Greenlight

We’ve just posted Bean’s Quest onto Steam’s new Greenlight service. If you’re a fan of Bean’s Quest and would like to see it on Steam, vote for us!

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Improving hq2x with Alpha Support

Hqx is a family of pixel-art image scaling algorithms that can be used to scale an image by 2, 3 or 4 times. The results in general are very good, but the original algorithms do not handle images with an … Continue reading

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Disable indexing in XCode 4 for better performance

This is a neat trick that I learnt from Stack Overflow to significantly improve the performance and stability of XCode 4. Simply run the following and restart XCode 4: defaults write IDEIndexDisable 1 RAM usage will drop significantly (I … Continue reading

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Bean’s Quest World 2 Preview

We’re working hard on World 2 of Bean’s Quest, and we want to keep our fans up-to-date on our progress. World 2 will be released in August. Here is a sneak-peek play-through of level 2-1, featuring trampolines and red-jumper enemies:

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