Android Performance Update

Just a quick update, we released a new version of Bean’s Quest on Android to resolve some performance issues. Unfortunately when we made some changes to improve performance on older devices on Android, our changes (ironically) resulted in some performance problems for specific new devices like the Galaxy Nexus. Of course we couldn’t let performance degrade on the flagship developer device, so we have resolved the problem now!

If you find any more issues with Android, please contact us at:

We’ve also become aware of a bug in the World 5 Level Select screen, stopping iOS users from collecting all the diamonds on the screen and achieving the Game Center achievement for it. Oops!

We’ll fix this as soon as we can, all you OCD gamers will have to put up with an incomplete achievement list until we can get an update together – sorry guys! D:

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Bean’s Quest Golden Jump List

We’ve gotten quite a few requests for a definitive list of the Golden Jump Pars in Bean’s Quest. Here is a breakdown, per world, of every Golden Jump Par in the game! Be warned, these pars are not for the faint of heart!
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#BecauseWeMay – Sale Now On

Developing games isn’t easy but as programmers, artists and game designers we can understand the process and we have control over it.

What indies have traditionally not had control over is distribution and pricing. The last few years have allowed for indies to blossom in new ways, with Steam, the App Store, Google Play and other distribution platforms becoming available.

To celebrate these stores, we have (along with lots of other indies) dropped the price of our game for the next week. This promotion was organised by several indies and is called Because We May. If you’re an indie, and want to participate, follow that link and sign up!

Because... We May!

Click the above image to go to the official website for #BecauseWeMay, there are more details of why we’re all getting together on this – and check out all the indie games on sale!

So thank you Apple and thank you Google – keep doing what you’re doing.

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COSGAME Event in Melbourne

Based in Melbourne? Interested in video game cosplay?

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) are organising a Guinness World Record video game cosplay event for this Saturday 5th May, at Fed Square in Melbourne. Come as your favourite video game character or put together an impromptu costume (Minecraft Creeper = painted cardboard box?). In fact, we’re helping sponsor along with other Melbourne indie studios and game companies!

Don’t forget to register as well for the event to get some swag otherwise your cosplay won’t count towards the record – a few indies in Melbourne and other companies are helping out!

For full details on this Melbourne event check out here.

Image sourced from Global Geek News article.

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Boston Indie Showcase + More!

A few new things…

Firstly, we’re very pleased to announce today that Bean’s Quest will be on display at the Boston Indie Showcase as part of this year’s PAX East event. This will be our first visit to any PAX event and as you can imagine we’re super excited.

Penny Arcade have announced the news on their website which you can read here. The official page for the BIS is available here as well. We’re pretty proud to be showing the game alongside other games such as Girls Like Robots, Lawnmower Challenge, Not Without You, SpellTower and Super Crate Box!

Secondly, we’ve just been featured on the Mac App Store! We can’t wait to see the new reach this will give us in exposing the game to new audiences. Awesome!

Lastly, lots of people have told us how they want to play Bean’s Quest but they don’t have an iPhone or a Mac. So we’re currently working on getting bringing Bean’s Quest ready for Windows and Linux. We’ll be releasing the game via Desura, aiming for a 27th Feb release. Again, this will let even more people play Bean’s Quest!

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