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10 January, 2013

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Time Surfer follows the last surfer travelling through the galaxy, haunted by an inevitable, destructive force: the end of universe itself. The surfer’s only defense? He can cheat death by rewinding time.

Time Surfer mashes up two very different game ideas to make something new: Tiny Wing’s simple physics-based slingshot gameplay and Braid’s mind-bending time reversal. The result? A twitch-based, time-rewinding, amped-up ride across the fabric of time and space.

Can you outrun the end of the universe?


Time Surfer's origins started with Ivan playing a NES emulator. While playing old platformers he used the built-in rewind mechanic available in many emulators to fix any mistakes he made in Bowser's castle.

Ivan jokingly suggested that Jetpack Joyride should have a time rewind feature. Within two days we had a prototype of Jetpack Joyride up and running with time rewind. The results of this experiment? Jetpack is boring as hell with time rewind.

However, after further another 2 days of experimenting we had an interesting conclusion: Tiny Wings with time rewind is awesome. The end result? Time Surfer was born.


  • Rewind time to fix your mistakes and perfect your surfing – use your rewind power to cheat death, surf the perfect curve, or thread a path through obstacles and enemies – just don’t let it run out!
  • Stomp on aliens and asteroids, avoid spikes and pits – the fabric of time and space is a dangerous place. Stomp on enemies to get speed boosts and steer clear of the deadly spikes and pits to avoid an untimely demise.
  • Heaps of Special Surfers to unlock – including a police box, a time-travelling car, the monkey king on a cloud and even a cameo from Emilio from Bean’s Quest.
  • Unlock pets to help your chances – Unlock cute pets with special abilities. These little friends will join your surf and give you crazy, new abilities!
  • 80’s pop-culture on full display – psychedelic visuals backed up by a pumping chiptune soundtrack and numerous references to 80’s icons.
  • Hell Zone mode – turns the difficulty up to 11 with a spike-infested hellscape. For those who really love a challenge.


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Appeared in Humble Mobile Bundle 2" September, 2013
    • "PAX East Indie Showcase" April, 2013
    • "Freeplay Technical Innovation Finalist" September, 2013

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      Kumobius is a 3 person Australian game studio created by brothers Tom and James Greenaway with the incredible Ivan Neeson.

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      Time Surfer Credits

      Tom Greenaway

      Ivan Neeson

      James Greenaway

      Derris Kharlan


      Jessica Paulin

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