Kumobius Games presents...
“…a take on an iOS platformer that actually works…”
Tycho, Penny Arcade
“…a great blend of nostalgia and the contemporary.”
“Picture a sideways Doodle Jump mixed with
Super Mario Bros. 3 and you kind of get the idea.”
Touch Arcade

BEAN'S QUEST brings retro platforming to your mobile-phone-device-thing.

Forget about on-screen controls - this hella tight precision movement gives you fast paced "speed run" focused gameplay beyond your wildest dreams.

Experience an epic 50 stage quest to regain your humanity in a game that will bring back your childhood gaming. 5 worlds, crazy physics and 10 pieces of outrageous video game music.

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Available on desktops!

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Desura Digital Distribution

Critical Reception:

“…launched in July of last year, and it was kind of awesome. Actually, it was kind of really awesome.” – TouchArcade

“Bean's Quest is a homage to the genre that impress with grandiose 16-bit visuals and challenging gameplay. A title that is definitely a must have for fans of this genre.” – iReviewT

“One of the best games on the iOS platform, hands-down.” – iPhoneAlley

“Someone finally figured out how to make a platformer that is easy to control on a mobile device.” – Tested

“Bean’s Quest is a brilliant platformer that harkens back to the classic days of the genre.” – GameZebo